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Welcome To Transformational Healing Center

Life’s A Feeling, Let It Be A Good One!

Special Announcement
Summer Solstice

BlueStarGate  Event June 19-23rd See www.AwakeningInnerPeace.com
For more details, visit website. Join us for this Stellar Summer Solstice!!!!
Lauren Has 2 Awakening Inner Peace Healing Workshops, See Program and website for times. See you there!!!!

Lauren is currently teaching Energy Healing Classes and Workshops!   

Intro To Energy Healing Saturday August 2nd.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is Healing with the Energy Of Angels and the Violet Ray. Learn in only 3 days in a weekend workshop, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  In July 12th, 13th,19th.  In August  9th, 10th, 16th.

Reiki Classes Taught in Traditional Tibetan/Usui Ryoho Style.
Reiki I & II & III   August 23rd, 24th, 30th.
September Master Teacher classes for those that are eligible.


At Transformational Healing Center,
We Help You Transform and Heal Your Life By Helping You:

bulletRemove the blocks in your life that may be keeping you from creating the life you've always wanted
bulletGiving you powerful healing tools to improve your well being and support your growth
bulletTeaching you modalities that enable you to heal yourself and others
bulletDevelop a clarity that allows for changing old habits and thinking

Please take a look around this site. Best way to get a hold of Lauren is  to leave a message on the 818 396-7890 line, along with sending an email. A way to stay informed and connected is to join the Meetup Group. It is free and private. 

Please see www.Meetup.com/Transformational-Healing for active classes and currant curriculum. Join in for free!

There is a  website www.SittingTransmission.org dedicated only to its subject, Awakening Inner Peace Through The Sitting Transmission.

Lauren is available for private appointments both in La and Orange County.

Lauren is currently teaching Energy Healing Classes and Workshops!

July and August Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)
August Reiki I & II and III. September Master Teacher

If you don't see your desired class or workshop offered at a time and date you would like, Please let her know and She can add it! Thanks!

Currently there are 3 different calendars one on each website. The Meetups Calendar Is The Only One Kept Current.

Learn Energy Healing:  Become a Certified Practitioner/Qualified Instructor.  

Have you been told you have healing hands?

Are you on a self discovery path?

Have you thought about a career in the healing arts? If so, I would love to share this wonderful world of energy with you.

Training, Certification Programs, and CE’s for You, Massage Therapists and Nurses.


Pain and dis-ease can come in many forms and layers. They can show up as stress, anxiety, depression, anger, grief, sadness, abuse, trauma, addiction, weight gain, fear, lack of self-esteem, confidence, abandonment and prosperity issues, past life issues and sabotaging behavior.

These issues can get stuck, blocked and imprinted into your physical body, cellular memory, subconscious mind and energetic bodies keeping you from obtaining the life you’d like and deserve.              

We use the following powerful transformational healing techniques to help you release and let go, clear, unblock and reprogram negative energy and thought patterns. Healing the heart, body, mind and spirit back into well-being. Lauren Amber Serna is a  certified healing practitioner and instructor of  these services below

IEH INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALING (TM) Unique to IEH there are three specific healing energy frequencies used.                                    (Certification Courses Available)

IET INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY (R) Using acupressure points to release deep seated cellular memory issues. (Getting the issues out of the tissues) (Certification Courses Available)

REIKI is an ancient oriental system known for its gentle love and compassion frequencies using symbols and universal life force energy. to restore balance and harmony                 (Certification Courses Available)

EFT EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES tapping your way to emotional freedom (Taking the charge out of the issue.) Working with acupressure points and meridians on the body to release core issues.

HYPNOTHERAPY helps to reveal core issues and reprogram the subconscious mind from limiting thoughts, also helps in accessing your wiser mind.

REIKI MASSAGE a fantastic traditional massage, infused with Reiki Energy for Restoring, Clearing & Healing your body mind and spirit.

SOUND THERAPY and VOICE ANALYSIS charting your vocal patterns & using sound to assist in moving towards vibrational alignment and bringing balance to your chakras.

CRYSTAL HEALING using Gems and Stones as powerful clearing and amplifying tools.

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING compassionate listening, confidential consultation, inspiration, possibilities, grief support, and positive prayer.        


LIFE COACH creating clarity, motivation and useful skills to give you a solid platform  to build upon and break through to your next desired level.


My service is one of love and compassion.  I was born a natural healer always gravitating to helping others. I love life and have always felt that life is a feeling and we have a choice in whether it is a good one. Joy is a state of mind. There are specific tools, techniques, and processes to help you achieve the state of a peaceful, balanced, joyous life. My service is to help you transform the pain, grief, sadness, separation, into clarity and understanding, so you can release the past things that no longer serve you and end the suffering.  I assist in showing you the way while allowing a space for transformation to take place, Namaste.

-- Lauren Amber Serna

Mission Statement: To Love, Heal, Educate Facilitate, Reconnect, Uplift, and Help You To Transform.


To register for a class or workshop, or to book a session:

Please email: info@transformational-healing.com

or call Lauren Amber Serna at  818-396-7890

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