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Intuitive Energy Healing® (IEH)

IEH is based on Love, Divine Guidance, and Universal Principles of Energy. This is a powerful healing system that has been given to us just in time for the issues, challenges, and global changes of the 21st century. The foundation of the information in IEH comes from Catherine Morris  who studied at Psychic Horizons. The rest of the IEH information was given to her over a period of 17 years, from 1989 to 2006, by Ascended Master St Germain and other Unseen Helpers. IEH is facilitated by St. Germain and a team of Ascended Masters and Angels.

During a session, the IEH Team works with you directly and also through three specific frequencies of energy channeled through me as I lay my hands on your body and work in the energy field around your body. This is a co-creative process which involves you (the client), me (the practitioner), the Unseen Helpers of the IEH Team (Angels, Ascended Masters, etc.), and our Divine Source, all working together to support your healing. An IEH session is deeply relaxing. Many clients say they can’t remember when they have been so deeply relaxed. In the days following a session, you will notice new ideas, feelings, and behaviors which support the improvement of your health and well being.

Lauren is a master teacher in IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®


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