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Distance Sessions

How does distance healing work?

Distant healing is just as effective as if you were in person.

You make an appointment over the phone or by email. Then we agree to do the session over the phone with or with out using skype.  If we are in different time zones we can agree that I will do the session at a specific time while your not on the phone. You can be sleeping or awake.

I prefer you to be in a private setting, sitting or laying down. I prefer you not to be at work while you are having the long distance healing.

I like to have a recent photo of you though is not a necessary. A description can also work well.  If we are on Skype with camera no photo needed.

Included in the session price is a 20 min phone conversation 1 to 2 days after your session.

To book a session?

Call 818 396-7890 or Email

I offer a  pre 10min phone consultation for free to all clients for all sessions. This10 min consultation is to see if we would like to work together, answer questions,  and to establish a mutual understanding of how things work.

I look forward to being of assistance to you while you are on your healing and spiritual journey.


To register for a class or workshop, or to book a session:

Please email: info@transformational-healing.com

or call Lauren Amber Serna at  818-396-7890

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