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I am so grateful for the life I've lived and all the people I have met along the way.

Remember while in gratitude the heart is open and there is room for new possibilities. I am thankful that my heart has always remained open.

My childhood was no picnic though I give thanks to the experiences anyway because every turn in life, sad, unpleasant or Joyful is a platform in which we can grow and become richer, fuller and wiser.

You never know when or for whom you may need to draw upon those experiences to help and understand another.

Thank you Dear Lord/Universe for my life.

I have been truly blessed with the multitude of people I have come in contact with.

I must first thank my parents for not deciding for me any particular religion as I believe it gave me the freedom to search at an early age the meaning of God and Spirituality for myself without a bias slant.

There has been key individuals in my life that I would like to acknowledge for imparting their wisdom and knowledge to me.They all played a part in developing my strengths as a healer and individual.

The Hare Krishna’s though I never became apart of their religion I enjoyed there story time reading from the book Bhagavad-Gita open to anyone who would like to sit and listen. Thank you Krishna for your loving ways and delivering the stories of life and life lessons.

The Self Realization center for carrying on the teachings and memories  of Paramahansa Yogananda and maintaining such a peaceful beautiful local for all of us to enjoy. I attended for a good part of my teens to early 20s. It allowed me to have a slice of peace. Thank you.

Next I found my home the minute I walked through your doors Agape in 1991. What a name what a man Michael Bernard Beckwith. Finally people with dynamic happy attitudes that loved life like I do. Just say Yes!!!

What powerful messages kept and keep on coming through Agape. Thank you for my continued ongoing home away from home.

My Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides that always kept me safe and sent me many messages and messengers.

 I did a lot of traveling and I am grateful for the gurus, wisemen and people along my path that always had some new information, old information to impart that would feed my soul.

Funny while in La I have met a few foreigners passing through that have been near and dear to my heart and have also had a huge impact on my understanding, knowledge, facts, stories and devotion.

First was Michael Hessman from Germany whom I met here in La and again in Europe. What a beautiful soul he used to literally put me to sleep with all the information he fed me. Of course it was just over load at the time, though I loved your bed time stories. He graciously took me to so many sacred historical areas in Europe. I felt like you were my bridge between what people said were just stories to what was the historical truth behind it all.  When it came to religious, spiritual, and mystical history Michael was on it. I enjoyed our long talks. I miss you and hope we see each other again soon.

Rashneesh, my dear friend from India. If it was not for you I might still be stuck in thinking I had to like everyone to love them or I had to grow up as a nun and been born in a different location to be close to God. Thank you for your time, friendship and wisdom.

Jules Buccherri Thank you for always including me. Introducing me to the Course Of Miracles, Science Of The Mind and so many other wonderful things. Jules lived and breathed his spiritual practice and I got to watch him blossom and take everyone around him on his ride. He was always there to share and give to those that needed him or seeked the truth.

I deeply thank all the healers I have met that gave of their time and energy to help me along my journey.

 There are two healers I must give recognition to by sharing their names.

 Dr. Lloyd Steinbeck and Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops.

Thank you on so many levels. I may have not become and been shaped into the person I am today with out you in my life.

My soul thanks you so very much for everything.

I thank the many beautiful and wise teachers that I have studied with for your contribution to me being the teacher I am today. Thank you!

Like the healers there are three teachers that stand out which I simply must thank by name. Thank you for being who you are and for being a pillar of light to all you touch:

Shelley Stockwell Nicholas and Robin Duncan and Catherine Morris

You have been my inspiration and role models, I will forever be grateful for your wisdom and light.

And now a special Thank You for this new chapter in my life. Sitting Transmission

I place your names loud and clear Thank You for your patients and allowing me to serve you and feel you.  

God      Krishna     Quan Yin       Jesus      Mother Mary    Buddha

Raphael    Gabriel      Ariel      Uriel    Michael    Saint Germaine   

And those to whom I do not recognize by name yet.

                                         Thank You what a special gift.


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