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What is Voice Healing?  In my case voice healing simply means using my voice as an instrument to heal. Since I was young I had a gift of what some say is a voice like an Angel. I am sure that is left up to ones opinion :) I can say, it has an impact on ones physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

As a healer I am able to channel energy through my hands and body, as a singer I am able to channel those same frequencies through my voice. This enables me to laser direct it into your areas of dis-ease. I have also found it to be effective with large audiences.

Sound is very powerful tool, each note carries its own frequency. During a healing session I  channel  different sound frequencies. I sometimes sing an entire channeled song.

These frequencies can clear and release past issues, blocks, trauma and karma. They can heal, open and awaken your chakras, kundalini and 3rd eye along with connecting you to the divine.

I suggest getting a Voice Analysis Chart done first. The description is listed in Services under Sound Therapy Voice Analysis.

Sound Healing I use a combination of Tibetan bowels, symbols, rattels, gong, and my voice.  I also have CDs available  for specific issues also used in and for the Sound Therapy Voice Analysis session.

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