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Express yourself be who you are
live life to its fullest, right now!

I see the God in you and I see the God in me
so why is it so hard for the rest to see?

They don't know until they are shown
so you and I are here to let it be known.

For the love and passion in my heart is so grand
I wish for the whole world to join in and be apart!

Love and kindness must start within
yourself and for yourself, nurtured like a seed
and blossomed into a tree with roots
anchored in a foundation of spiritual truth.

For the kingdom of heaven lies within you
waiting for you to express itself through you as you.

You are it. You are what you are looking for.
Stop searching outside yourself,
you already have all the answers.

You are the miracle of the divine
that special someone,
Just be who you are,
Your authentic self, and you will find
the one you are looking for.

Live for yourself and share the beauty of you                                                           with everyone and your soul mate will find you!

If there were enough hours in the day
I should love to play,
So let this day go on and on
And I shall play the rest of the days

A life well lived is better than living a life of
unfulfilled dreams.  The time is now. 

Inspired by Caryn's cat 9/23/08

I loved my friend he went away,
As softly as he came, he left,
I loved my friend he went away.

Dedicated to John

She is as beautiful as the day,
He is as stunning as the night,
They seemed to have passed in the
changing hour, a fleeting moment where
they seemed to become one,
There never seems to be enough time,
Day turns into night and night into day
too quickly for love to stay, only to remember.


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