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Sessions offered:

Healing Modalities

 click on this link for information on some of the healing Modalities offered within a session.

Session length:  anywhere from a half hour to three hours.

What is a session like?

There are a few ways to have a session depending on your needs.

1. A spiritual counseling session: You are sitting on a comfortable couch or chair sharing what is causing you distress. You will receive, grief support and counseling along with some take home tools you can use on your own. We may do EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, another name for it is (Tapping).  Prayer work is often incorporated and tailored to your belief structure using words you are comfortable with.  I am a certified ACIM Spiritual Counselor.

You may also have the counseling session over the phone or Skype.

2. An energy session: depending on time desired we can have a short conversation about what is going on for you and what issue's you would like to address. Then we begin the energy treatment. Depending on which modality is used, the session can be done in a chair or on a massage table. Either way you are fully clothed. Crystals may be incorporated into the treatment.

You may also have the energy session done over the phone or Skype.            See long distance healing.

Keep in mind a half hour, one hour, and one and a half hours, can go by very quickly,       especially if  you are someone that likes to talk about your issues in-depth. Please take that into consideration when booking a session. You may want a longer time slot  for your initial first time.

3. Combo Session: Counseling and Energy Session.

Once again if you really like to go into details and you would like a energy session within the same time slot, I recommend The Combo Session, typically three hours long. This gives you sufficient time to cover all your issues and concerns along with giving me time to fully understanding your issues and the way you operate. The first half of the session is counseling and utilizing those tools. The second half is receiving an energy treatment.

If you get the combo session # 3, its a three hour session. I will include a complimentary Sound Therapy Voice Analysis Session, this is a $100 gift to you for booking a three hour session. See it listed under Services.  This can be done in person or over the phone.

No two sessions are alike.

Each session whether it be a counseling session or energy treatment is unique to each individual. I am trained in many modalities and I use several of them in your session.     

If you request a certain modality I will do my best to incorporate it into your session.   Though since I am guided by spirit sometimes that particular one could be left out.   

Healing physical and emotional challenges is a process. I am committed to your wellbeing and I only work with people interested in full participation of their transformation. We can discuss what that entails.

Initial Consultation (1st time client) 3hours (180mins) session is recommended.        Financial issues are taken into consideration and 3hours is not a requirement.

Sliding scales can be given and packages are available.

Note sessions can be done just as effectively over the phone, or on Skype as they are   in-person.

To Book A Session

Make sure you leave a message at 818 396-7890 along with an email. Thank you

I offer a  pre 10min phone consultation to all clients for all sessions. This10 min consultation is to see if we would like to work together, answer questions, and to establish a mutual understanding of how things work.

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To register for a class or workshop, or to book a session:

Please email:

or call Lauren Amber Serna at  818-396-7890

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