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Sitting Transmission
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Sitting Transmission

Awakening Inner Peace

Sitting Transmission is a Gift from Spirit many things can occur during your Sitting Experience. There is an attunement and a transfer of energies that brings in more Light and Love to you.

 For those that are open and receptive a meeting of Ascended Masters and Light Beings are waiting to reveal themselves to you. For those that are not yet ready to see or meet Beings for any reason, you do not have to see anything. Though you too will be able to feel and sense their overwhelming Love, Peace and tranquility that they bring to the entire audience.

Most people report that they have never felt so much safety, unity, becoming one with the universe, clarity and love in their entire lives as they did in the Sitting Transmission. For those that are willing to see, it is truly a miraculous gift. For testimonials of other people’s experiences visit 

Private Sitting Transmissions for you and small groups can be arranged to be done in your home and hometown

Receive more Love

Raise your Vibrational Frequencies

Clear your Energetic Bodies

Experience Clarity and Peace that is your True Nature

Open your 3rd Eye more fully and Activate your Intuition

Feel your connection to the Divine Source of all that Is

Remember Who You Are

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