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I met Lauren in Trader Joe’s Market. I was feeling very depressed, anxiety ridden & overwhelmed. She told me to pop by her office and she would help me. I had no idea what to expect. I got there & I talked about everything. She first did some EFT with me. Then, she did some kind of energy work on me. It was amazing. I had a spiritual experience. A Spirit Guide came to me & spoke to me & told me some very profound things.  I felt blown away when I left.  I had not been sleeping for a very long time. I was able to sleep very well, plus I had a calm peaceful feeling that seemed to last for weeks, something that I haven’t had for a long time.

  --Nancy (West Hills, CA)


I had some very unusual sharp stomach pains and Lauren reached over & laid her hands on my stomach and the pains went away. She told me that all she did was remove the emotional anxiety that I was having from the break-up with my boyfriend and fill my heart with love.

 -- Jeannie (Sylmar, Ca)


My son was an alcoholic and living with me, and I needed to gain the strength to ask him to move out, and of course having him quit drinking would be “the ultimate.”  Lauren prayed with me and she did EFT with me. I felt so much better when we were through. I had the biggest surprise when I got home. My son told me that he was checking himself into a Rehab clinic. Thank You Lauren and the angels

-- Margaret (Orange County, Ca)


I was at a coffee stand and I was having a migraine headache and Lauren, who I had never met must have seen that I was in pain and asked if she could place her hand on my head.  She told me that migraines were her specialty and she could take it away if I wanted. I said “Yes, yes!!”  In a matter of what seemed like only a few minutes, it was gone.  Thank You, you’re an Angel. 

--Janis (Maui Hawaii)


My dog was very sick and dying. I was torn up about it. Lauren helped me through the pain of letting my dog go. She held my hand, did a prayer. She seemed to make Rocky more comfortable.  She guided me through the steps I needed to take. She genuinely cared for the deep sadness I felt. She explained to me that animals often visit us after their death and I did in fact have that happen several times. Rocky & I are grateful for your loving help. Thanks.   

--Jeffery (Santa Monica, Ca)


I had many talks with Lauren. I thought I was pretty wise and had a great outlook. She always astonishes me. How cheery and optimistic she is, no matter what is going on. She comes up with great, profound things, just when you need it. I am 56 years old and have used a lot of quotes from this young lady. Thanks for all of the longs talks.

--Allen (Beverly Hills, Ca)


I was unhappy, always upset with my boyfriend and generally mad at life. Things seemed to be pretty gloomy. I definitely felt like a victim. I went to see Lauren for a few months to talk about everything. Every time I left I felt like I had a new lease on life. Even though we were the same age, she seemed to know so much more about life than I did. She would always turn the situation around for me and point out why certain things kept happening to me. I wouldn’t be the positive person I am today if she didn’t hammer into me the things that she did. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

--Jeannette (Hollywood, Ca)


Jeff Krantz  

"IET was a great experience. I am already an energy healer, though I learned so much more from taking IET. I loved each level. Lauren is a great teacher and gracious host, taking time to answer everyone's questions and make you feel special."


Jeff Krantz

Great class the focus was on learning to manifest. Lauren is a great teacher taking time to answer everyone's question and explaining things in detail so everyone can understand. I had fun and learned a lot.


Cynthia Ramos Awesome class as always! A fun, loving environment. Can't wait to meet up again! Mar 27


Cynthia Ramos

Thank you Lauren for a great class...I felt great and now have the basic tools for IET, can't wait for the intermediate. Lauren a true healer and great teacher...see ya in March...



Best twenty dollars I've ever spent. Looking forward to more gatherings.


Donna Webber

G R E A T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Donna Webber

Again, amazing. I never plan to miss a Thursday! I asked for a healing with some stress I was having, and the next day.. Gone! Lauren is wonderful, don't miss this. Anyone, at any level of Spiritual understanding, will love these meetings.


Donna Webber 

The best... just can't say enough. Lauren is an incredible healer and such a nice person - what a Soul, funny, patient and makes sure everyone has all their questions answered no matter how long it takes. She's great, I have no plans to miss a week! Great snacks too.


Donna Webber

Loved it!! Second class and like magic. Left there on such a high, my energy was amazing. Lauren I'm so happy we have met! Can't wait for more classes


Donna Webber

WOW... if you miss this, you'll be sorry. It's the best.


Donna Webber

Absolutley amazing, really fun, so interesting, great people. The Angeles that joined us in meditation with the sage/incense smell was the best - what confirmation! Also loved the guy who smelled the donuts.. then loved how you explained you did nothing, just came with the Angeles that joined in.



Donna Webber

6 Stars! Such an incredible healing circle took place ..wow. Thank you so much!



I loved the Meditation/Healing Circle last night, I felt wonderful afterwards. Lauren is very gifted and powerful.



I attended this meetup and I found it fascinating. Lauren is powerfully, yet gently able to lead us into meditation and opening the channels of our metaphysical energies. The Angel Card meetup was poignant and fun. She was also my Reiki II instructor and it was a fabulous experience. I plan to study several topics under her guidance and expertise.



I had great experiences. it was fun.



It was great, I learned a lot and felt so calm and relaxed. It really helped me raise my energetic vibration. Thank you Lauren for the great meditation.



I had a great time and learned a lot!



I had no idea there were so many angel card decks. Wow! Enjoyed the evening!




Having a masterful teacher, Lauren, created a wonderful environment to bring down the healing Angels. My favorite event I have attended this year !



I was one of the +1 guests. It was a great session. Lauren is a wonderful teacher. She explains everything well and fully and is open to any questions, answering them fully and telling you more as well. She is easy to understand and very comfortable to be around. I had never used the Angel decks before and she made it easy to understand. She was also very masterful about leading the meditations.



it was extraordinary .The rituals and being together and unite with people that you first met was an interesting experience.


 I love it and I want to keep learning more and more.   Jen on Aug 27, 2010.

 I think the Reiki ll class was amazing. Lauren is a wonderful teacher, explaining everything very clearly and with a lot of passion and knowledge. She is happy to answer any questions and has a nice flow to her classes. The Angel Energy and Meditation group was wonderful also. There was a nice sized group and she got a wonderful energy flowing. I hadn't used the angel cards yet, but she made it easy to understand and it was like second nature. Fantastic all around.  Jamie on Sep 12, 2010.



    SANDRA on Jan 28, 2011.



Donna Webber on Sep 24, 2010.


Paula  Integrated Energy Therapy

I had a fun day that day. Lauren is a wonderful teacher and was very helpful in answering many of my questions I needed answers to. I really loved the IET class, I learned so much from her. She is very knowledgeable in many things. It was just what I was searching for. My energy has definitely shifted higher since that day. Thank you Lauren! :)


Brian  Sitting Transmission

very comforting, i felt welcome, i think i need too go there more than once, first time doing a long meditation. The people were very nice, and you can post my interview.


Sapatsanun Chitrakul  Sitting Transmission

Amazing! I have never had this kind of feelings before. I joined the sitting transmission once but the second time was so much stronger. I felt someone touching my face and arms ( not human ). I felt the strong energy came to me and tried to lift me up. I felt so peaceful and connected to angels and my inner self. I felt closer too angels and know that they will always be there when I need them. It filled my heart with joy and peace.


Brett Gilliat  Sitting Transmission

helped me start to heal from heart ache


Brett Gilliat  Reiki Healing Circle

I learned a lot


 Lizabeth  Reiki I & Reiki II Class

Wow! Two days of Reiki with Lauren was amazing. This was a review for me but I learned more from Lauren than with my past Reiki teacher. She has an amazing energy. The information was very well explained and the practice was amazing! I felt like being awakened to Reiki energy for the first time although I have been practicing Reiki for 3 years it felt like she completed the missing pieces. If you are looking for a great and caring sensei to teach you Reiki, look no further Lauren is it! Her years of experience and her connection to the energy is AMAZING! Thank you Lauren!


Marc Joseph  Reiki I

This was a GREAT experience and wonderful course!!


 Lizabeth  Reiki I & II

Great class!!! Lauren is a great teacher with great energy and personality. The material was very clear and the way it was presented was AWESOME! I had Reiki I before with another teacher, but I realized with Lauren that there was so much missing information. If this is your first Reiki I you have found a GREAT teacher with so much experience. She has the MAGIC that makes Reiki what it is, universal LOVE energy that is connected to all. Very fun, loving and friendly group...


Sapatsanun Chitrakul 

It was very powerful. I haven't felt this good in such a long time. Thank you Lauren for creating this meetup. It was very helpful to me.


Gesenia Walker

I have not had a chance to write about the wonderful experience that I had at this meet up up until now! It was such a beautiful amazing experience not to mention connecting with everyone there... Thank you Lauren for that night... I will Definatley be back:)


Rachel Secler

I had an amazing experience at this meditation group! I met a lot of wonderful people going through the same things as me, and it was very refreshing to talk about some of the things that have been happening to me and hearing about some of the things happening to others! I would definitely go back!



It was my first time there and Lauren did a wonderful job. She has such a lively spirit and helped everyone that was there. The energy in the room amazing!


Donna Webber

These Thursday nights are my favorite in everything I do. So healing, so inspiring, so informative... so loving. AND so much fun!! Lauren is incredible! The Angels come right thru her for whatever is needed. Someone last night said they needed to learn Reiki and wanted to find someone they could trust. Lauren very quietly mentioned she was a Reiki Master and taught the needed courses. Me I would of yelled for her but thought it would be too rude .. She's the best, take them from her!!! Love Lauren's energy, a must come at all times!! I leave there so happy, so in tune. If you miss these meetings, you are not helping yourself to grow or heal or understand all the wonders in life that are possible. Love, Donna.


More testimonials on www.SittingTransmission.org

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